Challenges of information and communication technology in education

Information and communication technology in education


No electricity, no proper personnel to handle computer labs, improper facilities like spoilt switches, broken, unplugged wires, etc all hampers the implementation of Information and communication technology (ICT).


Lack of funds or their improper distribution to buy latest technology gadgets such as computers, k-yans, OHPs, LCDs, tape drives, UPS systems, servers, etc.

Lack of Trained Teachers

Inexperienced teachers who do not know the fundamentals on how to operate the Information and communication technology (ICT) devices or help students to make use of ready software.

Student Ability

All students may not have the requisite skills or abilities tunes to using or learning through Information and communication technology.

Load Shedding

Electricity is a pre-requisite to running computer labs and load-shedding is a common problem in our country.

Psychological preparation

Students and Teachers both can have mental blocks in using ICT devices thinking these are complicated and difficult to use.

Technical challenges

Qualified hardware technicians need to be called or employed for the regular maintenance of ICT tools.


For certain tasks and understandings, and preparation of education software people with high cognitive abilities are required.

Thus the educational institutes along with aid from the government should work hard towards overcoming these challenges.

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Information and communication technology
Information and communication technology

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