Characteristics of Learning

Q. Characteristics Of Learning

  1. Learning is a process which is continuous & it never stops at any phase. It is a lifelong process hence learning starts from birth & ends only with the death of an individual. Hence we can say that learning proceeds from womb to tomb. E.g. when a child takes birth he first learns to cry for food, and at each phase of life at every step the child learns to walk, run, talk, write alphabets etc.
  2. Learning is the process which leads to mental growth of an individual. The growth takes place along with the learning.
  3. Basically when learning takes place the individual learns to adjust & adopt with the environment.
  4. Learning is purposeful. Though learning takes place at every place & at every moment all the learning are not useful. Hence those learning which are useful & meaningful are learnt.
  5. Learning is active process. Learning by doing is the best part of learning e.g. it becomes easy for the science students to learn the concepts in science when they perform practical.
  6. Learning takes place individually & as well as socially e.g. When a seminar or workshop is conducted, then all the members of the group learn to share their thoughts, each one learns something new from the other individual.
  7. Last but not the least learning brings about the change in the behavior in individual e.g. a child is always taught values & manners, & due to this teachings, a child learns to respect their elders & teachers, learns to speak politely etc. which bring about the change in his behavior as the child grows.

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Laws of Learning and their use and educational implications in Teaching-Learning

After experiments on animals, Thorndike propagated 3 Laws of Learning –
Law of Effect – “If a particular response leads to satisfaction, the response gets g=fixed and if the response leads to dissatisfaction, it is eliminated”.
In teaching-learning – Children learn all such things that end in pleasure but avoid such things that hurt in any way.

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What is learning? Explain concept and nature of learning

Learning is an interaction wherein when any situation acts upon the learner, he reacts and modifies his behavior. Eg. A child touches the flame of a candle, and immediately withdraws his hand. He has learnt how it feels to get scalded.
Munn – “To learn is to modify behavior and experience.”.
Skinner – “Learning is a process of progressive behavior adaptation”.

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Steps in the Learning Process

Learning is a process and knowing the various aspects of learning helps the teacher in ensuring & making the learning effective.
Need: Learning takes place as a result of response to some stimulation. Unless the individual has some unsatisfactory need or derive which causes him to act in an attempt to satisfy the need, no learning will take place

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Q. Process Of Learning- The Learning Curve

Learning curve is a graphic representation of how learning takes place in a particular situation. In all type of learning situations, the course of learning can be depicted and described graphically by drawing learning curves against x and y axis.
The above figure shows a typical learning curve of many types of learning. The curve consists of a number of irregularities, as the progress is not constant.

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