Advanced organiser model and its education implication

Advanced Organizer Model


If we connect new information/knowledge to previous knowledge then it helps to understand easily and also to remember for a long time. To prevent introduction in terms of statement or to present material before teaching a lesson is called ‘Advanced Organizer’. Here, introduction and material which is to be used should be well organized before teaching specific content.


(a)          To connect previous knowledge to current knowledge.

(b)          To explain it in a good sense as well as to consider the difference in previous and current knowledge.

Here before teaching any content, first introduce essential concepts, terms, theories, principles etc. then teach them. Hence teaching becomes easy and effective as well as meaningful.

Objective of Advanced Organizer Model

(a)          To make the cognitive structure concrete and with this help the students in grasping new knowledge and attain it.

(b)          To increase the qualitative level of learning of students.

Characteristics of Advanced Organizer Model

(a)          To develop thinking power of students at abstract level.

(b)          To help student to get knowledge of all units of mathematics.

(c)           To connect previous knowledge to current/new knowledge.

(d)          To compare concepts, generalization, known and unknown things/information in mathematics subject.

(e)          To make flexible teaching if necessary.

Steps of Advanced Organizer Model

(a)          Focus point: It is important step to decide focus point, before teaching difficult or complex unit.

(b)          Syntax: Syntax means cognitive structure which is made for connecting meaningful knowledge.

(c)           Confirmation: It helps students to become active.

(c)           To consider similarities and differences.

(e)          Clarity: Understanding of knowledge depends upon clarity.

Educational Implication of Advanced Organizer Model

(a)          It helps teacher to organize.

(b)          It helps students to learn actively and to insist learning.

(c)           It helps to solve problems etc.

On the other hand it helps to apply or use teaching models properly, effectively when necessary.

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