The concept of education

Explain the concept of education.

Education meaning and concept of education –

What efforts will you take for the all-round development of students in your class?

2000 years ago, Cicero propagated that education is the best gift we can give to the youth.
Education is a dynamic concept with different persons interpreting it from their own background or ideals. Therefore its biological, physical and philosophical connotations vary from one another.

Concept or Meaning of education :

Etymologically, the word education is derived from the Latin word “Educatum” further derived from “e” meaning “out of” and “duco” meaning “to lead”. The word “Educatum” means to bring out the inside to the outside.

Education also comes from the Latin words “Educare” meaning to “bring out” and “Educere” meaning “improvement”, “enhancement”, “progress”.

In the Indian context, the counterpart of the word “education” is “Shiksha” which means “learning” or “teaching”.

Definitions of education and education meaning as per different thinkers –

Education meaning as per Aristotle – Education is the creation of a ‘sound mind’ in a ‘sound body’”.

Education meaning as per Mahatma Gandhi – “By Education I mean all round drawing out of the best in child and man – body, mind and spirit.”

Education meaning as per John Adams – “Education is a bipolar process where one personality acts upon another in order to modify the development of the other.”

Education is a dynamic force in the life of an individual and influences his physical, mental, social, emotional, ethical, creative and spiritual development.

It helps the individual in undergoing appropriate needed experiences and in organizing these experiences into meaning, for his life activities.

Thus from all of the above we can deduce that the function of education is to “draw out” rather than “put in”. Through education the inner capacities and potentialities of the pupil are developed and brought to light.

In other words, education is the art of developing and enhancing the cultivation of various physical, mental and moral powers of the child. Hence education is a continuous process from the womb to the tomb.

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