Disadvantages of formal informal and Non-formal education

Disadvantages of formal, informal and non-formal education

Disadvantages of formal education :-

1. Good and bad students, gifted and backward are generally made to sit together in the same class and taught by the same teachers. This shows down the ongoing rapid, progress of the gifted pupils.
2. Every student has to wait for the expiry of the academic session and then only he/she gets promotion of the next class.
3. A few students may be keen to cover-up more syllabus obstructed less time. That is constructed here in Indian system of formal education.
4. There are strains on the minds of the learners.
5. It is more or less unnatural way of teaching-learning. there is artificial situations created when teaching-learning is conducted.
6. There is need of motivating the students. Sometimes a student may fail to learn anything in spite of motivation by the teachers.

Disadvantages of in-formal education :-

1. It does not give much confidence to the learner. Inspite of good-knowledge, the learner may feel inferiority complex in a group of highly educated persons.
2. Here education is received in the absence of so called ‘guru’ the teacher. One may not learn the right things.
3. Whatever is expected to be learnt in the company of equal age group that is missed here. Class fellow feelings, discipline, good habits, attitude etc. may not be acquired properly and rightly.
4. Lack of discipline.

Disadvantages of non-formal education:-

1. A student may receive the desired type of degree / certificate diploma but many a time he does not enjoy full confidence as the regularly studied learner enjoys.
2. A student is not able to study regularly. He/she studies day and night near the examination and thus change factor and luck play a good deal of role in his career.

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