Non-formal education

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Q. Non-Formal Education


Non-formal education is one of the recent concepts getting into use. Indian involvement in non-formal education has increased as a result of our interest in making education a life-long affair rather than a matter of formal schooling.


(i) Derived from the expression ‘formal education

The expression ‘non-formal’ in non-formal education has been derive from the expression ‘formal’ in formal education by using the pre-fix non-


(ii) Outside the realm of formal Education

Unlike inform education which is unstructured, spontaneous and without formality non-formal education would be structured and planned, but outside realm of formal education. “Any organized, systematic education activity, carried outside the framework of the established formal system whether operating separately or as an important feature of some broad activity, that is intended to serve identifiable learning clienteles ai learning objectives.”.


(iii) Conscious and deliberate

Non-formal education consciously and deliberately organized and systematically implemented..

(iv) To be organized for a homogeneous group

Non-formal education should be organized for a homogeneous group. Such a grot has to be identified in terms of the learning needs of the group member.


(v) Serving the need of the identified group

Non-form, education should be programmed to serve the needs of the identify group. This will necessitate flexibility in design of the curriculum and the scheme of evaluation.

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