Application or use of System Approach in education

Application or use of System Approach in education (instructional System)

Changes in education due to System Approach.

System approach is a systematic, logical, proper way or method of achieving certain objectives.

Curriculum –Too much matter crammed into the curriculum leads to frustration. Also, if students do not understand the relevance of what they are learning, they will not be ready to learn. Following a System Approach will greatly help to prepare a balanced curriculum that is broken down and arranged into rational parts.

Proper identification of problem – In education, problem means some goal or objective or issue. Eg. Poor command over a subject, discipline issue, language problem, etc. System approach will help to properly identify the problem so that we can then work towards a viable solution.

Teaching approach – System approach will help to follow a teaching approach that moves logically from simple to difficult and from known to unknown. This helps the students to move systematically from the lower levels to the higher levels of cognition for better understanding.

Divergent thinking – System Approach encourages the Teacher to think divergently and out-of-the-box without being prejudiced by pre-conditioning so the output gained is creative, innovative and productive.

Scientific technique – Since System Approach follows certain logical steps, it is a very scientific way of resolving any issues and finding appropriate alternatives.

Better organisation and Planning – System approach encourages proper organisation and planning of one’s approach. So ultimately, all forms of chaos and mismanagement can be avoided in the classroom.

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Steps involved in System Approach in education

Using System Approach for any school unit / using system Approach in the classroom.
Using System Approach in System analysis wherein – Identification of the problem or objective or goal

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Principles and Nature of System Approach

There are goals and objectives in system approach. Goal is the overall aim and generally vague while objectives are the specific, definite, concrete, precise steps to be taken towards that goal.

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Jurisprudential Inquiry Model

(Learning to think about social policy).
Social values legitimately conflict with one another.
Negotiations of Difference can help to resolve complex and controversial issues.

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Reflective Teaching
Reflective Teaching

Reflective teaching means looking at what you do in the classroom, thinking about why you do it, and thinking about if it works – a process of self-observation and self-evaluation.

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