Steps involved in System Approach in education

Steps involved in System Approach

Using System Approach for any school unit / using system Approach in the classroom.

Using System Approach

System analysis wherein –

    1. Identification of the problem or objective or goal
    2. Analysis of the present setting or situation. What are the lacunae, what are the strategies, what are the merits and demerits, etc.
    3. Organisation – Whichever new, innovative parts or resources are available, utilise them and take their help to organise and gear up to face further steps. It s a skill which can be gradually developed by regular practice. Initiative should come from within. Think divergently and out-of-the-box on how to take the benefits of available resources.

System Development wherein –

    1. Know our objectives and understand them.
    2. Specification of methods where we should be able to classify or associate or relate the available resources and methods. We should know what is to be taught and what are the available teaching methods and teaching material to teach that topic and then choose the most appropriate.
    3. Construction of prototype – Develop a pilot model or pilot program. Conduct trials of the same on a small group, test it, evaluate it and based on feedback on its effectiveness, improve upon or change or polish and finalise the prototype for the main implementation.

System Operation

    1. Implementation of the main prototype
    2. Once again, feedback of the main group
    3. Analysis or treatment of the final system.

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Principles and Nature of System Approach

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Application or use of System Approach in education

Changes in education due to System Approach.
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