Principles and Nature of System Approach

Principles / Factors / Characteristics / Nature of System Approach

There are goals and objectives in system approach. Goal is the overall aim and generally vague while objectives are the specific, definite, concrete, precise steps to be taken towards that goal. For students, teachers should think in terms of objectives and not goals which will ultimately anyways be achieved.

Each and every system has different parts and they are interconnected and we should be aware of these parts.

System approach involves 3 main aspects

  1. Input – Very important as quality is majorly dependent on input. If the Input is of high quality then the resultant output will also be of the desired quality.
  2. Process – All the beneficiaries, resources and methods involved or working towards a beneficial output.
  3. Output – The resultant produced or the goal achieved.

Organisation – Arrangement and preparation in a proper manner to bind all processes. Organisation is wider or broader than a process.

Feedback – It is essential to gauge level of efforts that have gone into the above principles and also to assess and bring in improvements and changes during the next cycle. Feedback when accepted in a positive manner, always leads to progress.

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What is a System and its characteristics?

A system is an assemblage – an organic or organised whole – of objects united by some form of regular interaction or interdependence. Eg. Solar system, Pulley system, Internet, Ecosystems, respiratory system, etc.

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Causes or reasons for guidance

Complex and Changing nature of society – Today the entire structure and nature of society is undergoing changes from all angles – socially, culturally, scientifically, economically, politically, etc. due to rapid Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation.

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Steps involved in System Approach in education

Using System Approach for any school unit / using system Approach in the classroom.
Using System Approach in System analysis wherein – Identification of the problem or objective or goal

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Application or use of System Approach in education

Changes in education due to System Approach.
System approach is a systematic, logical, proper way or method of achieving certain objectives.

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