Advantages of Formal Informal and Non-formal education

Q. Advantages of formal, informal and non-formal education

Advantages of Formal Education:-

1. A student is able to sit in the company of other students of the same age group. That increases peer relationships, fellow feelings for one another.

2. Many students get the opportunity of being together in different classes for a good deal of time. They have better understanding with each other.

3. It makes the students learn things in a disciplined way.

4. Here education is a continuous process and naturally it develops in the learners the habit of reading continuously.

5. Here education is imparted in accordance with the growth and development of different faculties of the learners.

Thus it helps in having well cared for growth and development of the learners.

Advantages of Informal Education :-

1. There are no strains of any type on the mind of the learner.

2. It is a natural way of teaching learning.

3. The leaner is self-motivated in the process of learning.

4. Most of the learnt things are situational as they are learnt in one situation or the other. So they are remembered for a long time.

5. In this type of education, there is no dependence on rote learning.

Advantages of Non-Formal Education :-

1. One can earn while learning. One become self-dependent and self confident.

2. Habit of hard work is developed.

3. There is proper use of leisure time. Usually the student of non-formal education wants to use the free time in studies.

4. It helps the learners to achieve their goals of life. Even the fast changing goals are possible to be achieved.

5. Through non-formal education, one can cover up one’s deficiency in any aspect and thus is able to improve one’s standard of living.

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