Role Functions and Importance of Society in education

Role Functions and Importance of Society in education

1. Establishment of good schools:

The society should establish good schools. Efficient and trained teacher should be appointed in these schools. The schools should help in physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, aesthetic, moral, spiritual and vocational development of the pupils. .

2. Establishment of good library:

The society should establish good libraries. Good libraries help in broadening the mental horizon of the pupils as well as in the development of various other aspects of personality.

3. Provision for adult education:

Provide adult education. If we want to make democracy a success, we shall have to provide social education. Evening schools can be started for providing adult education. .

4. Providing literary and cultural education:

Another function of society is to establish literary and cultural institutions; various literary and cultural activities should be organized by these institutions. In our country, there is huge number of literary and cultural institutions which frequently organize lectures, discussions, debate, music competitions etc.

5. Providing Vocational Education:

Society is to provide vocationally efficient citizen. Hence vocational education should be provided by the society. Technical and scientific training should be given while keeping in view the considerations and the trends of the society.

6. Inculcation of moral, spiritual and noble values:

No society can make progress until it inculcates moral and spiritual and noble values in the masses. Virtues like co-operation, fellow feeling, honesty, true-patriotism and love for humanity should be developed.

7. Co-ordinating various agencies:

Society interlinks school and home. It helps in making them realize that they can serve many useful purposes. School exists but society makes them better and better. Home exist but society tries to improve it. It provides them with guidance and thereby helps them do wonderful job for the betterment of the individuals.

8. Maintains standard of the school:

The society helps the school in maintaining good standards. If fixes up standards with the help of higher controlling authorities and then it verifies with the help of school board or university whether the students have attained the desired goals or not.

9. Sets the aims and objectives of Education:

The society formulates the aims of education, importance of education and objectives of education needed at different levels of education. Then it checks their appropriateness. It also corrects them, refines them and redefines them if need arises there to.

10. Plans national system of Education:

The society prepares national scheme of education keeping in view the needs and requirements of the people. It also tries to find out whether the system is according to the aspiration of the people.

11. Promotion of Universal Education:

It means provision of equal opportunities to all. The society plays a great role in contribution towards universal education. The values of a society promote all types of students irrespective of their caste, creed or sex or religion.

12. Control on Education:

The society directly controls the system of education by defining the objectives, planning the curriculum and developing the value system which is to be incorporated in the students through education.

13. Construction of suitable curriculum:

The society takes the opinions of experts and makes provision of a suitable curriculum where the learner should be able to grow and develop full so as to achieve the targets fixed-up by the society.

14. Financing Education:

No institute can run without the financial backbone. The society contributes towards the financial stability of an institute by lending a helping hand in the form of donations or charity. These donations make an institution self-sufficient and help in its further progress.

15. Supervision:

The society supervises the school and its various components with the purpose of bringing improvement in the school, teachers, students etc. Through regular supervision, it ensures proper and smooth functioning of the school. Thus it is also able to root out the ills and drawbacks of the schools.

16. Selection of school personals:

As the management of private body has the representatives of the society also therefore during the selection of the staff, whether teaching or non-teaching, the help of the experienced and knowledgeable society members is taken. The process strengthens the bond between the society and the institutions and leads to further growth of the society.

17. Appoints commission and committees:

The society sets up commissions and committees as per needs of the situations. The main purpose behind this is being overall improvement of the school.

18. Provision of informal Education media:

The society plays the role of informal media by providing a platform to the social beings through involvement in the activities like cultural groups, religious groups, organizing educational workshops, empowering girl education through awareness program etc. .

19. Co-operation between citizens and school leaders:

The role of society is to strengthen the bond between the citizens and institutes. For the same the school leaders can take the help of influential members of the society to contribute physically, mentally and monetary bases. .

20. Helps in all round development of the individual:

The society creates proper environment in the school so as to bring about different types of development of the learner – physical, moral, social, cultural etc. Thus it makes the individual a fit person for the society. .

22. Encourages Research:

The society encourages research in various fields by supporting them financially so as to improve the teaching-learning environment of the school. .


To conclude that society performs a number of educational functions including establishment of good schools, libraries, providing adult education, literary and cultural education, financing education and helps in all round development of the individual.

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