Interactions in school

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Q. Interactions in school

Interaction means a process whereby men interpret the minds of each other. Interactions can produce positive or negative impacts..
Interactions in school are social interactions and bring about behavioral changes in students..
There are different types of interactions in school .

(expand each) –.
1) Student-Teacher interaction.
2) Student-Student interaction.
3) Teacher-Teacher.
4) Teacher-Parent.
5) Student-Parent.


Thus a school is one of the most influential social agencies of education that develops a child to fit him into the social fabric.

Community / Society – An Active Informal Agency of Education


The word community has been defined differently by different people. Community is a mini form of society. It is an integral part of society. Both community and society may be taken as synonymous. The only different between the two is that community is a smaller group of people whereas society is a much wider group of people. Many communities put together form a society.

Some of the definitions of society are as under:

MacIver & Page: “Society is the web of social relationships and it is always changing.”
Lapiere: “The term society refers not to a group of people but to the complex pattern of the forms of inner-actions that rise among and between them.”

Talcott Parsons: “Society may be defined as total complex of human relationships is so far as they grow out of action in terms of means and relationships, intrinsic or symbolic.”

In the light of above definitions, we can state that a specific society implies a group of human beings living within the limits of a definite country and which is characterized by a definite culture. The school is related to this specific society. .

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School as social institute and state functions and activities
Q. Explain school as social institute and state functions and activities.

In ancient times, the family and religious institutions were social agencies of education. As knowledge advanced and society grew complex, the school was introduced as a formal social agency of education

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Different ways of access to education
Q. Different ways of access to education

Education is necessary for living a good life and to bridge the gap between our innate nature and the social standards. As per needs, we can take formal, or non-formal education

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Role Functions and Importance of Society in education

Establishment of good schools: The society should establish good schools. Efficient and trained teacher should be appointed in these schools. The schools should help in physical, intellectual, emotional, social, cultural, aesthetic, moral, spiritual and vocational development of the pupils.

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Concept of social change

Social Change.
The term social change is used to indicate the changes that take place in human interactions and interrelations.

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