Similarities between Vedic System and Buddhist system

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Similarities between Vedic System and Buddhist system

1) Same goal of education. i.e. Salvation.
2) Education was imparted in a natural environment.
3) Hard life of the students.
4) Observance of strict code of morality.
5) Religion dominated education system.
6) Close bond of reverence and respect between Teacher and student.
7) Unwavering obedience for the teacher.

Q. Contrast / Difference / Dissimilarities between Vedic and Buddhist systems

Vedic education system:-

1. Individualistic teaching.
2. Education was imparted in a Gurukul.
3. Poorly funded system.
4. Student was called a Brahmachari.
5. Teacher was more autocratic in nature.
6. Vedic system has survived over centuries.
7. Curriculum was vast.
8. Bond between Teacher and Student was closer.
9. Students were not expected to lead a life of complete celibacy. They had to go back and fulfill wordly duties before taking sanyasa.
10. Mainly Sanskrit was spoken.

Buddhist education system:-

1. Collected system of education.
2. In a Monastery or Vihara.
3. Richly funded system.
4. Student was called a Bhikshu.
5. Teacher was somewhat democratic in nature.
6. Buddhist system is declining.
7. Curriculum was meagre.
8. Bond between teacher and students was not comparatively that close.
9. Students had to live a complete life of celibacy and renounce the world throughout.
10. There was a gradual shift from Ardhamagadhi to Pali to Sanskrit.

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