Role of Teachers Parents and School for Adolescents

B.Ed First Year Notes English Medium

Role of Teachers, Parents and School for Adolescents

1. To have the proper knowledge of adolescent’s psychology: A teacher should have knowledge about adolescent’s psychology. I. What are the specific needs of adolescents? II. What type of changes does taken place during this period? III. What are the problems faced by the adolescent? How should they be treated?

2. Provide suitable environment for proper growth: Adolescence is the stage where maximum growth takes place. They must be provided with balanced diet. They must be given knowledge of health, personal hygiene, cleanliness, various diseases and their privation etc.

3. Rendering proper sex education: The rapid physiological changes the secretion of sex hormones, the sudden of sex instincts – all necessitate the provision of adequate sex information and education for adolescents.

4. Proper dealing with the adolescents: They should not be under estimated.

5. Training of emotions and satisfaction of emotion needs: The age of adolescence is marked by too much intensity, force, instability and immaturity of emotions. Their emotions should be properly trained and diverted towards the constructive sides.

6. To take care of special interests of the students: The curriculum should provide the open choice of various subjects and activities according to tasks and temperament of the adolescents.

7. Providing religious and moral education.

8. Provision for vocational education: The strong need of today is to provide job-oriented and vocation based practical education for the adolescents.

9. Arranging guidance services.


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