List out the method for helping in maintaining emotional balance

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Method for helping in maintaining emotional balance

Educational implications of emotional development:

Usually children express many emotions link anger, fear, jealousy, affection, joy, pleasure, etc. Positive emotions help the child to develop a positive outlook about life.
The following methods are offered to help children in maintaining emotional balance.


Tired children are difficult to handle. Therefore, efforts may be made not to cause undue fatigue to them.

Poor health:

Children in poor health are irritable. Hence the health of children should be properly looked after.

Association with emotional people:

Children imitate the behavior of year elder’s parents, teachers and other adults and peer groups. Suitable examples should be presented by the elders.

Thwarted desires:

The more restrictions are imposed on the child, the lore revolting he becomes. This means that a suitable disciplinary mechanism bold be evolved.


A child shows emotional outbursts when he is faced it a strange situation or for which he is not prepared. Proper training to ice such situations needs to be given gradually.

Expression of feelings:

Children should be helped to express their emotions la natural way. They should be helped to develop a realistic understanding of tuitions that arouse unpleasantness.


Children should be helped to learn how to control their Feelings which may offend others. They should be gradually directed to exercise more of self-control.


Counselling may be useful in cases of a highly disturb emotional state of the mind.

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