Functions of Home in Education of Child

Functions of Home in Education of Child

1. Place of Affections
2. Makes Social
3. Makes Morally Sound
4. Imparts Education
5. Satisfies Economic Need
6. Recreates
7. Helps in Physical Development
8. Helps in Mental Development
9. Helps in Emotional Development
10. Helps in Religious Development
11. Character Development
12. Cultural Development
13. Civic Functions
14. Helps in the Development of Personality

Role of Home in Education of Child

1. Socialization
2. Provide teaching
3. Modification of behavior
4. Training for leadership
5. Helps in physical development
6. Acquaintance with culture
7. Preservation of traditions & conventions
8. Inculcation of fellow feelings
9. Cultivation of higher values
10. Imparting vocational and industrial training
11. Improving national unity
12. Developing international understanding
13. Post school adjustability
14. Co-ordinating various agencies of education

Social values: Man is a social being. He lives in the society. It is the society which makes him socialized and cultured. Almost everything that he learns, is acquired from the society.
Social values have been evolved by the society to make life more safe, comfortable, civilized and worthy living. Different social values are outlined as under:-

(i) Social conformity: It means to act according to social norms, standards, traditions, expectancies & acceptances. Due to social sanctions & punishments, a person learns to behave in conformity with social rules, norms and expectations.

(ii) Discipline: Discipline is an essential condition of successful social life. It generates virtues which give essence to society and strength to nation. Discipline should be internal, self imposed, positive and constructive.

(iii) Social sensitiveness: Everybody in the society should be socially sensitive. Social sensitiveness helps the person in leading good social life.

(iv) Altruism: It implies concern for others, social and sacrificing one’s own interest. On the foundation of altruism are built an individual’s social relationships, his interest in others and his sense of responsibility.

(v) Toleration: A person should tolerate the views of others.

(vi) Social adjustment: A person should make adjustment to members of various social groups.

(vii) Social loyalty: A person should be loyal to family members, friends, neighbours and other associates.

(viii) Social justice: A person should be in favour of social justice. He should make effort to ensure social justice in the social group.

(ix) Panchsheel of values: Social values can also be mentioned by giving the following five values called Panchsheel of values –
(a) Cleanliness – internal & external
(b) Truthfulness
(c) Co-operation
(d) Equality
(e) Hard work.

(x) Other social values: Some other social values are – courtesy, devotion, friendship, good manners, helpfulness, kindness, respect of others, team work etc.

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