Central Teacher Eligibility Test ( CTET ) 2022

Central Board of Secondary Education Delhi is responsible for conducting the Central Teacher Eligibility Test ( CTET ).
HRD Ministry of Govt. of India has given this responsibility to CBSE.

CBSE was conducting this exam twice in a Year mostly in the month of February and September

TET exam is most important exam for a person who has decided to make carrier in teaching field. He/She has to qualify this exam first to apply for the post of a teacher.

Earth Our Habitat important questions

Q: – What is the shape of Indian Ocean?

Ans: – Triangular

Q: – Boring Water Treaty?

Ans: – Arctic Ocean is connected to a narrow portion of the shallow water from the Pacific Ocean. This is called Boring Water Treaty.

Q: – Which gases made the atmosphere?

Ans: – Oxygen 21% Nitrogen 78%

Q: – Nitrogen is required for whom and why?

Ans: – Nitrogen is required for plants and animals to grow and to survive.

Q: – What does carbon dioxide do?

Ans: – It absorbs the heat released by the earth, from which the earth remains warm. This is necessary for the growth of plants.

Q: – In which direction the air flow?

Ans: – Low pressure towards lower pressure.

Q: – What is the oldest plateau in India?

Ans: – Lid plateau.

Q: – What is the world’s highest plateau?

Ans: – Tibetan Plateau. Whose height is 4000 to 6000 ft from sea level

Q: – Africa Plate is famous for what ?

Ans: – for the mining of gold and diamonds.

Q: – Chota Nagpur Plateau in India is known for what?

Ans: – Iron, coal, manganese.

Q: – Which soil is there in the Lava Plateau?

Ans: – Black soil that is fertile.

Q: – Where are the large grounds created by rivers?

Ans: – In Asia and North America Ganga and Brahmaputra grounds in the part of Asia and the Yangtse River in China

Q: – What is the area of India?

Ans: – 32.8 million square kilometers

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General knowledge CTET

प्रश्न :- सबसे पुराना वेद कौन सा है ?
उत्तर :- ऋगवेद। जिसकी रचना 3500 साल पहले हुई थी। इसमें 3 देवता महप्वपूर्ण हैं। अग्नि, इन्द्र, सोम ये प्रतिक हैं आग , यद्ध और पौधे के।
प्रश्न :- देवियों के रूप में दो पूजित नदियाँ कौनसी हैं ?

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US Constitution | Constitution of the United States
US Constitution | Constitution of the United States

What is the US constitution ?
US Constitution Preamble
The Preamble of US constitution lists the reasons that the 13 original colonies separated from their mother country, and became an independent nation known as United States of America.

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Information and communication technology
Information and communication technology

What is Information and communication technology ( ICT )
When ideas, emotions, experiences and information are exchanged between two or more persons it is called communication.
Information is nothing but data in a properly decoded and arranged manner and Communication is the exchange of this information.

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Challenges of information and communication technology in education
Challenges of information and communication technology in education

Information and communication technology in education
Infrastructure –
No electricity, no proper personnel to handle computer labs, improper facilities like spoilt switches, broken, unplugged wires, etc all hampers the implementation of ICT.

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Some important study notes