Learn WordPress and Web Development Basics

WordPress and Web Development Basics

These topics are very basic computer education topics and only useful for learners who have started basic web developments. Most topics are related to WordPress developments and fixing issues in the sites during learning web development or in production sites ( Live Sites ). These topics will help to learn wordpress development.

WordPress is a great platform for website developments and easy to work with. With a very basic knowledge of websites development, we can make a great website, online store or blogs in it . It is an open source platform and free to use.

We can make any type of website like an e-commerce website, blogs , business websites , news websites etc. WordPress themes are used for making different types of layout and web design in the websites, and WordPress plugins are used to add different functionality to the WordPress sites.

WordPress dashboard of the website helps users to control the backend of the website and add/change/remove themes and plugins are much easier and users have a good user experience in WordPress dashboard.

WordPress debug functionality helps users or developers to fix bugs or errors of the website as it provides helpful details regarding error messages of issues and bugs present in the codes including syntax error.

WordPress error fixing is comparatively easy and straightforward. When fixing a problems or error in WordPress if you are aware which common WordPress error occurs in WordPress then it will not take time to fix it. Most common errors are establishing a database connection, issues in setting permalink on this platform.

WordPress is a database driven platform and database is a vital part of a WordPress website. Almost or max content of the website is stored and taken from the database. Mostly it uses MySQL database.

Database knowledge is not necessarily required to develop a WordPress website, as WordPress  takes care of everything for us. Only we need is a database name and user credentials who can access this database. This database user must have all privileges for accessing and modifying this database.

We can download latest WordPress installation files from here

For installation of WordPress on your server may be in localhost or a live server, download this above zip file of latest WordPress and unzip it in the root folder of the server.

WordPress installation is a very easy and quick process and it never take more than 5 minutes for installation of WordPress.

For step by step installation process follow this step by step guide.

WordPress step by step installation process.

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WordPress step-by-step installation process

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